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About the Pie Town Community Council


The purpose of the council is to administer the Pie Town community on behalf of the Commission of Catron County. The Council is volunteers managing resources, including but not limited to the Pie Town Community Center, and Jackson Park under County jurisdiction.

The council shall maintain and improve the community in accordance with all laws and regulations set forth by the State of New Mexico and Catron County. The Council shall report to the Commission of Catron County semi-annually at the April and October regularly scheduled Commission meetings. The Council shall also propose policies and regulations to the Commission for consideration. 


First Chair: Megan Bartasevich   firstchair@pietowncouncil.com
Second Chair: Thomas Kroe   secondchair@pietowncouncil.com
Secretary: Thea Marshall
Treasurer: Michele Bingham   treasurer@pietowncouncil.com
First Council Person: Karen Bingham   member1@pietowncouncil.com
Second Council Person: Nita Larronde   member2@pietowncouncil.com
Third Council Person: Kathy Knapp   member3@pietowncouncil.com

Get Involved!

 There are many volunteer opportunities available. Your community needs you!

You must live in the 87827 Postal Zone to be eligible to run for office and to vote. All voting must be done in person at the annual meeting.


Contact Us

Pie Town Community Council
P.O. Box 791
Pie Town, NM 87827

Whom to contact.. .

For questions about the Council in general, please contact firstchair@pietowncouncil.com

To ask about having your advertisement or event listed on this Web site, please contact treasurer@pietowncouncil.com.

To report a technical issue, spelling error, or other problem with the Web site, please contact the webmaster@pietowncouncil.com.

To purchase cookbooks, mugs, t-shirts, or other items from our store, please contact treasurer@pietowncouncil.com.

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