Cold Cream: The Perfect Formula To Naturally Hydrate Your Skin

The term ” Cold Cream ” is already on the shelves of many specialty cosmetic stores mmc33 singapore. But what is it? Although it is a cosmetic that has become fashionable in recent years, it is a very old formula that has rose water, almond oil, and beeswax at its base. It is ideal for hydrating the skin in winter, especially when you have dry and sensitive skin,

And what is the secret of Cold cream? This resides in its rich texture that, applied to the skin, leaves a semi-occlusive layer that protects it from the cold and cutaneous dehydration while nourishing it. But as we said, this ointment is not typical of the 21st century. In 150 AD, a Greek doctor was already the responsible and the main architect of this product that we can now find much more elaborated in shops and spaces dedicated to skincare. Galen was the first to mix these three ingredients: the rose water, the oil and the wax of abaje. Magical elements that resulted in a hydrating cocktail that now, thousands of years later, has become a trend. 

You want to know more? The term Cold Cream comes from England and is translated as cold cream. It is called that because the first cold creams transmitted a sensation of cold when applied. However, currently, the cosmetic industry tends to eliminate this sensation of cold in many products that incorporate Cold Cream. Now, along with that emulsion of water and certain fats or oils such as beeswax, some scented agents are added. A simple, as well as traditional formula that will help you repair the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Benefits and properties of Cold Cream

Cold Cream or those products with a Cold Cream base have the property of protecting, softening, repairing, and intensely hydrating the skin. It is a cream that maintains a very strong lipid barrier, especially protecting the skin from all kinds of external aggressions, particularly from the cold. Thus, it is highly recommended to use it in winter when low temperatures and humidity can damage our skin. Babies with very fragile and sensitive skin can also benefit from the properties of this cream.

We now explain all the properties of rose water, almond oil, and beeswax that are necessary to create the Cold Cream formula. Still haven’t tried it?

Rosewater has relaxing properties and decongests the skin

We know that all creams contain water, but there is an ingredient that adds benefits to the skin and that Cold Cream includes: rose water. An element that acts as an antiseptic and prevents infections has relaxing properties and decongests the skin from signs of exhaustion. It also stands out for being an antioxidant, smoothes stretch marks and expression lines, illuminates the skin, and favors collagen’s creation, delaying cellular aging. 

Almond oil soothes itchy skin

Different oils can be used to create a Cold Cream, but the most frequent is almond. This is due to its high vitamin E content. Thanks to this substance, it repairs and helps to calm itchy skin. Its use is highly recommended in cases of psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

Beeswax: effective for inflammations and burns

If beeswax stands out for something, it is for its emollient properties. Perfect to relax a hardness or inflammation, it also deeply hydrates the most dehydrated and dry skin. It is especially effective in healing bruises, inflammations, and burns.