The Pie Festival, Pie Town, New Mexico

Contest Rules

Photo of some 2010 Pie Baking Contest Winners
  1. Pie must be entered in the name of the person who made it.

  2. Categories
    1. Adult
      1. Fruit
      2. Nut
      3. Other
    2. Youth
      (Max. age = 17)

  3. Prizes
    1. Grand Prize = $100 and a ribbon
    2. Each category
      1. 1st = $25 and a ribbon
      2. 2nd = ribbon
      3. 3rd = ribbon

  4. Enter Pie
    1. Bring your pie to the contest site (The Fire House) between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on the day of the Pie Festival. The Health Department says: NO PIES THAT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION (i.e. dairy, cream, chili peppers or meat pies). The person running the Pie-Baking Contest will have the final say on acceptability of pies.
    2. Fill out the registration form.
      1. Acknowledge that the entered pies become the property of the Pie Festival and that you do not get your pie or pie pan back.
      2. If you are a winner, you give your permission to have your photo taken during the announcement ceremony and have it used for Pie Festival promotional materials, including this Web site.
    3. A copy of your pie recipe would be appreciated; it may be used in future PTCC cookbooks.
    4. All contest entrants will receive a "PIE BAKER" ribbon.

  5. Judging
    1. Judging will start at about 11:00 a.m.
    2. Minimum of three judges per category
    3. Criteria
      1. Overall appearance
      2. Crust
      3. Taste
    4. Scoring
      1. Each judge assigns a numerical value (1-10) in each criteria category, without consultation with the other judges.
      2. The pie receiving the highest total numerical value is the winner in that category.
      3. In the case of a tie, the judges will judge those pies again.
      4. Grand Prize winner
        1. Each 1st Prize winning pie will be judged again.
        2. Judges will decide which pie is the Grand Prize Pie.
      5. In the category of the Grand Prize winning pie (Fruit, Nut, Other, or Youth), the 2nd Place pie will become the 1st, the 3rd Place becomes 2nd, and the 4th becomes 3rd.
    5. Winners will be announced after the judging is complete.

  6. Disposition of Pies
    1. The Grand Prize Winning Pie, at least, may be auctioned off at the evening dance.
    2. All other pies will be sold at the contest site or in the concession stand.
    3. All proceeds from the sale of pies will be used by the This link opens in a new windowPie Town Community Council to fund its many activities and services.


2012 Pie-Baking Contest Results

Grand Champion: Sweet Potato Crunch

by Robin Soliz, Turtle, Ian Fritz Of Tucson, AZ


Adult Fruit Pie Category:

1st place: Caramel Apple by Marcia Mermelstein of St Louis, MO

2nd place: Pineapple Crumble by Loretta Lewis of Ramah, NM

3rd Place: Tangerine Surprise: Betty Decker


Adult Nut Category

1st place: Chocolate Pecan by Janet Anderson

2nd Place: Peanut Peanut Butter by Ron Bronitsky

3rd Place: Pecan by Patty Hanna of Pie Town


Adult Other Pie Category:

 1st place: Cappucino Pie: Robin Soliz and Turtle of tucson

2nd place:  Chocolate Chess Pie: Ron Bronitsky

3rd place: Mahala Pie: Jason K Anders


Youth Pie Category

1st place: Apple Pie by Lance Wimberly of Quemado, NM

2nd place: Peach Berry by Christina Copelan of Mojave Academy

3rd place: Peach Berry by Briana Copelan of Mojave Academy


2010 Pie-Baking Contest Results

Grand Champion:
Karen Zibert, Albuquerque, NM — Karen's Tomato Pie

Fruit Category

1st Place:
Larry Lucier, Jamestown, NM — Deep Dish Apple

2nd Place:
Harry Hupman, Socorro, NM — Pineapple Castle

3rd Place:
Ray Lucier, Jamestown, NM — All-American (Layered Deep-Dish)

Nut Category

1st Place:
Loretta Lewis, Ramah, NM — Pecan

2nd Place:
Michele Wegner, Pie Town, NM — New Mexican Apple

3rd Place:
Bob McClellan, Pie Town, NM — C.P.R. (Classic Pecan Recipe)

Other Category

1st Place:
Turtle and Ian Fritz, Tucson, AZ — Chocolate Brazil

2nd Place:
Karen Bingham, Pie Town, NM — Caramel Turnovers

3rd Place:
Barbara Duck, Albuquerque, NM — Triple Chocolate Decadence

Youth Category

1st Place:
Sabrina Bhakta, Pie Town, NM — Sab's Choice Cookie Pie

2nd Place:
Alexandra Fogler, Tucson, AZ — Pecan Pie

3rd Place:
Stephanie Duck, Albuquerque, NM — Pear Caramel Crumble

Total Entries: 70 (32 Fruit, 12 Nut, 14 Other, 12 Youth)