Pie Town Community Council

Pie Town Community Council Procedures

1st Chair establishes Council agenda based on anticipated business.

Conducts meetings.

Oversees committee activities and integrates committee findings with business agenda.

Members-at-Large perform ad-hoc duties at direction of the Council.

2nd Chair performs 1st Chair functions in absence and ad-hoc duties at direction of 1st Chair.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall preserve all minutes, correspondence, and other records of importance in electronic format on an external web server.

Either the Secretary or Treasurer shall schedule usage of Community Center or Pavilion Reservations for the Community Center shall be made in 2 places:

  1. Written onto the calendar at entrance to the Community Center
  2. Secretary will relay reservation to Webmaster via email

Reservations for Jackson Park and the Pavilion will be entered onto the Community Center calendar as “Jackson Park” or “Pavilion” and relayed to Webmaster.

Orders for merchandise shall use PTCC EIN


Shall create journal voucher entries for every transaction involving Council funds. Maintain accounting reports balance sheet, income statement, and others as needed or requested.

Donations made by the Council up to $250 may be disbursed upon oral majority approval of the Council members without written justification or delay. This will facilitate emergency need.

Donations over $250 or civic disbursements of any amount require written justification stating need and intent as well as oral majority approval of the Council members. The required justifications must be signed by the donees.

Any disbursement over $1000 must be approved at a regular meeting of the Council.

Disbursements to conduct normal Council business must be made with receipts attached, with the exception of prepayments. Prepayments are to be settled with receipts within 3 business days.


The Secretary will read telephone messages for the Council and relay appropriate information to Council members.

Produce meeting minutes and agendas.

Handle advertising for all Council events.

Handle Bike and Build. Coordinate meals, lodging, and advertising.

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