Pie Town Community Council

What Does the Pie Town Community Council Do?

List of Council Accomplishments from 2005 to 2012:

  • Ongoing. Organize the This link opens in a new windowPie Festival (main event of the year). This is the event that makes the money the Council uses to make all things happen. The Pie Baking Contest is a big attraction at the Festival.

    2008 Pie Town pie baking volunteers
    "Team Pie 2010"
    Volunteers at the Pie Town Community Center bake pies for the Festival
    Photo Credit: John Hanrahan

  • 2008 — 2012. Sponsored a dinner and overnight for This link opens in a new windowBike & Build (workers for affordable housing)

  • 2010 — 2011. Bingo at the Pie Town Community Center

  • 2010. Made a new "Welcome to Pie Town " sign in the park adjacent to Highway 60, painted by Dan Howards and Cherokee

  • 2010 — 2012. Held dances at the Pie Town Community Center.

  • 2009 — 2011. Holiday Dinner for the Pie Town Community, held at the Community Center. Hosted by the PTCC and Special Projects Committee

  • 2005 — 2010. Fatherís Day Celebration.

  • Ongoing. Help community families with special monetary needs.

  • Ongoing. Keep Jackson Park clean and take trash to the dump on a regular basis.

  • Ongoing. Award a scholarship to a college-bound student.

  • Ongoing. Instrumental in acquiring four portable outhouses and performing the upkeep needed.

    Photo of the outhouses and trash cans in Jackson Park
    The PTCC maintains Jackson Park
    Photo credit: Piñon Web Design

  • 2011. Catron County funded new windows and doors for the Pie Town Community Center.

  • 2011. Set up a recycling center in front of the Community Center for Pie Town residents.

  • 2009. Requested funding from Catron County for two new picnic tables for Jackson Park, and also purchased a third one.

  • 2009. Started the Lending / Buying Library in the Community Center.

  • 2009. Started our very first Web site.

  • 2008. New Basketball court was constructed and the NBA gave us some basketballs and t-shirts.

    Photo of the basketball court in Jackson Park
    The new basketball court, constructed in 2008
    Photo credit: Piñon Web Design

  • 2008. Indoor Flea Market.

  • 2007. Getting more needed trash cans for Jackson Park and painting them.

  • Held yard sales to help maintain Toys for Tots.

  • Added 20 new tables and chairs to the Community Center.

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